Mr. Kapil Sibal, Senior Union Cabinet Minister:

Though I disagree with your pronouncements, your rationale is very persuasive.


Mr. Vinod Sawhney, Chief Bharti Teleservices:

Amit, your posers are not only making us discover breakthrough solutions, they are also sensitizing my team to long term strategic considerations.

After Dr Amit’s Vision Remapping 10 day Exercise with Airtel, Enterprise Services Division

Laurie Hawkins, World-renowned SL II Leadership Trainer:

The CSR work at remorphing is inspiring, and very focused. Best wishes.

Asit T, Vice-President, IT, Pepsico Int’l:

It has been a very enriching experience of my professional life, being mentored by the team at remorphing. Thanks a lot.

Muarez Patricia, President, Innovation, a French MNC:

Most amazing workshop I have attended on What is Being Strategic. Great insights and food for thought.

Arti Raina, HR – Head, a Media Company:

These folks have jogged me into what I shall ensure is life-long learning.