Advisory & Governance

Our experts are present on numerous corporate boards as independent and observer directors. Umpteen start-ups and SMEs have our people on board as “strategic equity” members, an equivalence of “sweat equity”, bringing a wealth of pragmatic steering and business relations.

Forthright consulting we offer is marked by a no-nonsense non-ritualistic style underlined by discrete moves, placing paramount valuation on trust and confidentiality. Tradition is respected but not accorded awe. An integrative application of globally applied analytical frameworks and tools is coupled with in-house developed methodologies and tools. The sights are ever focused on triple bottom-line: the top line, the bottom-line, and the environ-social effects.

“I will walk on water for you”, thus spake a messiah. We as your partners in your growth and creators & guardians of your sustainable competitive advantages, don’t walk on water. But we own up. This is why and how we have revolutionized the consulting sector. Many an organizations have paid us through equivalent of ESOPs. Umpteen times we have picked fees a quarter after the implementation of recommendations made. We have been singularly inspired by a leading Ahmedabad based consultant who used to consul on two conditions:

  1. He would charge Rs. One only and
  2. His suggestions had to be implemented in toto

Our value addition in governance and strategic mentoring has fetched us smiling faces of board members and professional management. Illustratively,

  • Many a SME organizations hold our syndicate members as life members and as independent directors on heir boards
  • We have staged turnaround of manufacturing and retail business worth Rs. 500 million
  • our consulting on mergers is well-known in the textile and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Friendly takeovers have flowered under our supervision in the pharmaceutical and trading sectors
  • Many a Joint Venture deals have been structured in the domain of furniture, Brownfield projects and Greenfield projects
  • Entire logistics and distribution systems have been designed and installed for agri-processing products retail
  • Many an educational institutions seek our stewardship in design of curricula, faculty training and placements of students.