Learning & Mentoring

“Strategy is not about what would be done in the future, it is about what is to be done today so that performance over long-term future stands assured.”

This engenders working on people today. As it is said, leadership is defined by the response to the crisis, regardless of its origin. Further, today’s complex and volatile business environment cannot and should not be managed on subjective intuitiveness, it needs fine number crunching based on the bedrock of decades of business research and contemporary trends.

Remorphing advocates for itself and its clients the golden rules:

  • prepare today for competing in the future; and
  • Repeat Situation, Better Response.

Our training initiatives carry a globally accepted benchmarking feel, hugely adapted to culture of client’s land, industry and firm. The impact whenst measured validates the authentic design principles, and rendition.
The training services:

Executive Coaching | Executive Mentoring | Simulations | Power talks | Workshops

Executive Coaching
We do this across Board positions, for C-suite people and senior management levels across multiple industries, functions and geographies.

A beautiful interweaving of elements of successful coaching, viz. individual challenge, personal support and technical help, all focused on nurturing an emotional bond differentiates our Executive Coaching. To this philosophy, the magic added by veteran industry coaches with global experience base, fosters super performance levels.

The benefits that accrue are:

  • overcoming of performance problems
  • developing of employee skills
  • increasing of productivity
  • creating promotable subordinates with a mentoring leadership in place
  • improving retention
  • pervasiveness of a positive work culture

The process is four-staged:

  1. Elaborate preparation towards uncovering of the anticipated needs, striking warm rapport, and contextual assessment of industry and firm climate;
  2. Most appropriate Diagnostics coupled with sensitive probing and discussion maps the needs and hit areas;
  3. Freezing a roll-out active coaching plan consensually, and is delivery; and finally
  4. Follow-ups that monitor progress and actual change attained.

Executive Mentoring is a separate initiative.