Research & Content

Pearl S Buck once commented, “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation”.

Besides this daring, organizations need codification of knowledge, of processes and procedures, for the word in print outlasts the spoken utterances. Remorphing undertakes a wide range of content development and content auditing projects. Needless to say, all projects are professionally managed, within the ambit of cost and time resources, staying on course on quality benchmarks.

Remorphing fosters the spirit of enquiry by funding pure and applied research. This is our humble contribution to the vast field of knowledge, esp. in the domains of strategy, leadership and innovation. Since ideas are supreme, we pity such organizations that have close to zero chances of diverting resources to push an idea.

Illustrative projects:

    • End to end HR manuals for Fortune 500 firms, adopted globally
    • Training content for Leadership Academy of a world leader in the Liquid Refreshments business
    • Business Investment Report on Indian cities
    • Business Climate Report on Indian states
    • Business plan for a firm raising Rs. 500 Crores
    • Research: Linkages of Music, Dancing and Painting with Corporate Strategy Formulation
    • Research: Acing up industry specialized simulation game on Getting Business Initiatives Fulfilled
    • Research: Acing up industry specialized simulation game on Team Management dynamics
    • Research: Acing up industry specialized simulation game on Customer and Competition mapping
    • Research: Milestoning future of internet so that business decisions of investing resources could accordingly be milestoned

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