Blogs @ remorphing

Dip into multitudinous of blogs @ remorphing; it is a varied bouquet:

Sandeep Mann’s: This is remorphing’s COO-Founder’s blog. It carries the flavour of tracking his special interests, viz. serial entrepreneurship; knowledge-based sectors; leadership by COOs; global strategy of many Fortune 500 firms; intuitive sense;…

Guest CEOs’ Blog: remorphing’s brings to you write-ups by from its esteemed corporate, academic and government network. These Guests bring in comments on issues close to their heart. Get enlightened.

The Saar: This is remorphing’s flagship subscription based blog. It carries adaptations and reviews on chosen best of write-ups on management from leading journals and periodicals. It maintains a weekly 5 day function-based posting schedule: Mondays – Sales & Marketing; Tuesdays – Leadership & Human Resources; Wednesdays – Finance and Accounting; Thursdays – Operations & Technology; and Fridays – Strategy & Vision.

Business Environment: Follow current business aenvironment disssection, so that your decisions are well informed and well reasoned.

Innovation: This is remorphing’s official blog on Innovation. The scope delves far and wide, taking Lateral Thinking, Creativity and Innovation in stride. The prime focus is coming up with useful and pragmatic suggestions which business can employ gainfully.

Leadership: This is remorphing’s collation of contemporary and off-the-edge thoughts on leadership, esp. as backed by research. It also weaves in analyses from multi-ethnic originalities.

Strategy: This is remorphing’s official blog on Strategy. The indepth perspectives stimulate thoughts and allow the reader clarity on long term competitiveness and sustainable competitive advantages.